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Darcy Magee, Michael Balmer, Ian Fulton, Gareth Colman, Ian Lawless, Shane Given

The Cairns Road Crash Rescue Team has been competing for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service for over 12 years in Road Rescue Challenges and Competitions. There have been a few changes since the first team, including team members, rules, equipment and tools, but the objective of these challenges has stayed the same. To learn, improve and teach new skills and techniques associated with traffic incidents. Using these skills in real life situations is important as these incidents form a large part of daily jobs for firefighters and ambulance officers.

As TEAM CAIRNS, we pride ourselves on our skills, teamwork and professionalism when it comes to Road Crash Rescue competitions. We are always looking to learn and develop new skills and techniques to use and pass on to other teams and crews while still having a very competitive nature when it comes competition time.

TEAM CAIRNS has enjoyed success at regional level being undefeated since 1999. At state level TEAM CAIRNS has had a strong showing lately usually finishing in the top 2 in the state. 2012 has been the strongest year for TEAM CAIRNS to date as we have been crowned champions at regional and state level and have just taken the Australasian Titles held in Hobart, Tasmania. The Australasian titles had 21 teams from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong with TEAM CAIRNS being crowned Australasian Champions. Other achievements during the competition included 3rd best Medic (Gareth Colman), 2nd Best Technical Team and Best Team Leader (Ian Fulton).

In 2013 TEAM CAIRNS competed at the World Rescue Challenge in Clearwater, Florida, USA as the Australasian Champions.  We competed well against 28 teams from around the world.  We took out 3rd place Technical team with an overall ranking of 9th.  As this was our first World challenge we achieved our personal team goal of finishing in the top ten. 

We now are off to the World Titles for a second effort, representing Australasia against teams from England, United States, and Germany to name a few.  Here we have set a goal of finishing in the top 5 teams in the world.

The current TEAM CAIRNS line up consists of Team Leader – Ian Fulton, Medic – Gareth Colman, Tool operators – Ian Lawless and Darcy Magee and Safetys – Shane Given and Michael Balmer. This is the team that will represent Cairns, Queensland and Australasia on the world Road Crash Rescue stage.

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