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Watch our wrap up of World Rescue Challenge 2015.  
Lisbon, Portugal

Our results from 
World Rescue Challenge 2015

TEAM CAIRNS 2015 World Rescue Challenge rankings:

Overall - 14th

Command - 13th

Medical - 21st

Technical - 13th

Complex Event - 10th

Standard Event - 11th

Rapid Event - 24th

34 Teams from around the world competed.

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Our Previous Challenge.....

World Rescue Challenge 2013

TEAM CAIRNS 2013 World Rescue Challenge rankings:

Overall - 9th

Trauma Challenge - 10th

Command - 9th

Medical - 14th

Technical - 3rd

Complex Event - 7th

Limited Event - 10th

Rapid Event 11th

28 Teams from around the world competed.

Lock up your toys... Blaster is back!

Blaster has returned!!  And he's recruited an informer for some "inside" information on the workings within the USA.

Go to our "about us" tab and see his Tasmanian Adventure.

Stay tuned to see his American adventure.....